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Wedding Cakes:  Yes, we make wedding cakes!  Due to the current global climate we have made a few changes to the ordering process:


We do offer delivery in Oakville and Burlington for $15.  The delivery window is between 2 and 7pm and we cannot guarantee a specific time in that window.  If you need your cake for a specific time, or your venue is not in Oakville or Burlington you will need to pick up your cake. 


We can only book a cake if it is paid in full at the time of booking.  We also need all the cake details:  size, design, flavour etc.


Please click here to read our Refund/Cancellation Policy in full.


Please click here to read our Postponement Policy in full.


Unfortunately we cannot currently offer in person tastings. We do however have large selection of cupcakes in the bakery every day which you can purchase to taste the cake and buttercream.


We are currently only offering single tier and two tier wedding cakes.

Single Tiered Cakes:

6" short feeds 6- 8 and starts at $65

6" tall feeds 10 - 12 and starts at $80

6" extra tall feeds 16-18 and starts at $145

8" tall feeds 20 - 24 and starts at $125

Tiered Cakes:

4" & 6"

feeds 15

Starts at $225

6" & 8"

feeds 30 - 35

Starts at $225

7" & 10"

feeds 50 - 60

Starts at $350

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