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Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day Card


One pretty Mother's Day Card!  Please include your message below, and we will hand write it in your card (or, you can write "leave it blank" in the message section and fill it in yourself)


Mother's Day card designs will vary.

  • Mother's Day Pre-Order Information

    All items in the Mother's Day Pre-Orders section will be available for:

    PICK-UP on:

    • Saturday May 13th
    • Sunday May 14th

    or DELIVERY on:

    • Saturday May 13th

    If you order a Mother's Day Pre-Order item for any other day than those specifed above, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

    Our delivery area services Oakville & Burlington and your order will be delivered between 2pm and 8pm.  We cannot guarantee a specific time within that window.

    If you would like to include a message please purchase a card.

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